Now you can monitor your entire website, easy.

PilotAlert monitors uptime, checks your SSL certificates, checks your domains, hosts & premium services expiration dates and sends out notifications when something's wrong. Also with RankAlert marketing enhancements this tool is necessary for your security, alerts and growth!

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Here's what PilotAlert has to offer:

Global uptime checking

Worried your site might go down? We have servers worldwide that will report any problem as soon as it happens.

Be the first to know when your site is unavailable.

Continuous certificate monitoring

We check all your SSL certificate expiration dates & alert any change we detect.

We give you actionable & user friendly alerts so you know what to fix.

Expiration, Renewal and Reminders

When the Domain name, Host plan or Premium Service approaches its expiration date, our automated systems will start sending domain expiration renewal reminders to you.

The first domain name expiration reminder is sent around 60 days before the expiration. Afterwards a new reminder is sent each week until one week before the expiration date. During the last week before expiration date you will receive a daily expiration reminder.

Monthly Overview

Once a month, you receive in your preferred email an overview of all your renewals and services.


Now with OneClick you can update your renewal dates without contacting us, with one click!

Wordpress Monthly Maintenance Reports

Monthly reports for websites developed with Wordpress with:

- Daily security scans details
- Themes, Tools, Plugins and Wordpress updates
- Custom work
- Server maintenance details
- Website maintenance details


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Marketing Enhancements

This is HUGE!

-SERP Ranking
-Top Visitor Searches
-Competitor Analysis
-Keyword Ranking and Volume
-Competitor links
-Average Speed Test
-Google/Bing Analysis
-Moz domain Authority Ranking

Coming soon

Broken page & mixed content detection

We crawl and index your entire website, just like Google. As soon as we detect a broken link on your site, we'll notify you.

This includes error pages like "page not found", "internal server error" and "mixed content".